Barcelona Smart City Tour

For more than 5 years, Innjoy Agency for Innovation and Development Ltd has been performing a singular study tour Barcelona Smart City Tour. The idea behind service came from an understanding that although such terms as “smart city”, IoT, “cities of the future” were quite well known, many people did not know what they actually mean and how they could benefit from this. The citizens were not aware of this, although all these innovations were introduced into urban life through taxes levied on these same citizens. On the other hand, urban development using smart city technologies is inevitable, so something had to be done to raise citizens’ awareness about this issue.

Barcelona Smart City Tour

Innjoy Barcelona Smart City Tour is a 2-hour walking study tour created to introduce the guests of the tour to the economical background, status and future trends of Smart City concept in Barcelona. We explain how IOT technologies run complicated smart city processes by Sentilo platform. We demonstrate the best examples of implemented smart city projects in Barcelona: Smart Parking System, rethought Transport system, Air pollution control system, smart watering, Smart Lightning program, Smart Bus Shelter, Waste Pneumatic collectors, Open Governance tools and many other integrated devices and programs.

The benefits for those who book the Tour are numerous. Barcelona Smart City Tour explains how these modern technologies increase the quality of life of the citizens, make life safer and more comfortable. Of course, these projects enable safe money through optimization of the processes using responsive technologies.

In addition, these innovations make it possible to involve citizens more actively in the decision-making process, this is another important modern trend.  Some of these solutions have provided the opportunity to control and react to ecological challenges.

For the business community from startups to big ICT companies, this Tour helps to spread the vision about current and future trends and opportunities in a vast smart city market. Businessmen study the exposed projects and analyze how their own solutions can be adapted to the market. The Tour demonstrates big opportunities for products and services oriented to municipality needs. Some of these solutions work for B2B and B2C markets too.  The most outstanding cases are explained from an economical point of view as well that shows how much money can be saved by implementing such solutions. Taking into account that smart city economy encompasses many branches of economy (energy, IOT, transportation, waste and water management, social area, citizens living experience, smart governance) the Tour is useful for specialists of practically every sector!

Barcelona Smart City Tour

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