Les Corts District encompasses the following neighborhoods: Les Corts, Pedralbes and La Maternitat i Sant Ramon.
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Les Corts

The Les Corts District encompasses the following neighborhoods: Les Corts, Pedralbes and La Maternitat i Sant Ramon. It is located in the northwest corner of Barcelona just north of Sants and east of Sarrià. The Pedralbes neighborhood is actually the most expensive one within Barcelona city limits; and famous for this fact.

Les Corts

This neighborhood is bordered on the south by Carrer de Madrid, on the west by La Maternitat, on the north by Diagonal, and on the west by Avinguda de Josep Tarradelles. For the most part, it is a very upscale neighborhood with lots of great shops, restaurants, bank buildings and some of the most well-known hospitals in the city. Additionally, the jewel in the crown of this neighborhood – at least for some of us – is the Camp Nou Stadium where the FC Barcelona football team plays. And although the neighborhood is home to many modern 1960s buildings, there are also some great old sections; especially around the Plaça de la Concòrdia, which is located south of Diagonal and east of Carrer de Numància. You actually feel like you are in a small town somewhere else in Spain.

There are a couple of nice restaurants and cafes on the Plaça de la Concòrdia, as well as a pretty central church, and a government building located at the westerly corner of the square. It is a great place to hang out with your kids since it is a large open area and there is minimal vehicular traffic. Additionally, there are small alleys, which radiate from this square with some great old apartment buildings. It is a highly popular area, but you can always look to see if something becomes available, should you plan on living here. Otherwise, there are plenty of apartment buildings around, which are a short walk from the Plaça. Also, in almost complete contrast to the Plaça de la Concòrdia , it is the very modern shopping center called “L’Illa (Catalan for island.”) The mall is located just 300 meters away and is one of the largest ones in the city. It has a large selection of shopping options on three levels and spread across two buildings, including grocery stores (conventional, gourmet and health food,) a Disney Store, Lego Store, and much more.

The Camp Nou stadium is located in the center of Barcelona in Les Corts district and is the official stadium of FC Barcelona, commonly known as Barça.

Les Corts District encompasses the following neighborhoods: Les Corts, Pedralbes and La Maternitat i Sant Ramon.


This is a pretty neighborhood and home to some of the more prestigious schools in the city, foreign consulates, and ESADE, which is a world-famous MBA university. There are lots of large mansions, as well as old bungalow type homes in the Barri Mercé. Unfortunately, there is no real central commercial zone. No place to walk and do some shopping, dining, or just hang out in a café. That does not mean there are no shops, just that there is no centralized business district. Therefore, it is very difficult to live in this area without a car. Additionally, since there are lots of schools here, traffic in the morning and at the end of the school day is horrendous. The narrow streets are filled with moms or dads transporting one kid at a time or else with school busses, which are too wide and long for the small one-way streets where they traverse. That said, the district is home to the famous Monestir de Pedralbes (monastery,) the Palau Reial (Royal Palace) and the Pedralbes Park, which is a beautiful green area just off Diagonal.

Behind Pedralbes, there is a huge green/open area, which blends into the Parc Natural de la Serra de Collserola. This is a great place to go hiking with your kids, dogs or by yourself. And though there are next to no restaurants in the area, there is a great little gem called Espai Mirela, which has great views, as well as good drinks and comfort food. Additionally, your kids can play nearby, while you eat or snack,  without getting into too much trouble.

La Maternitat i San Ramon

This third neighborhood is at the western end of the district and consists primarily of parks and sporting facilities, such as sports fields/clubs for rugby teams, tennis and so on. In addition, there are many campus buildings and facilities for the city’s university. There are also modern apartment buildings, as well as some commercial sites, but it is not a very busy area. That said, this is Barcelona, so you will find a few places to eat close to where you live; especially as you get closer to the Camp Nou area.

Les Corts

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