LGBTQ+ Bookstores in Barcelona

There are two bookstores in Barcelona that primarily cater to the LGBT+ community, although most other large bookstores, such as Abacus, fnac, Casa del Llibre, Llibreria Anglesa, and others will have either an LGBTQ section or simply carry these books as part of their inventory. See our section on bookstores on this website.

Queer Friendly Barcelona

LGBTQ+ Bookstores in Barcelona

The LGBTQ+ bookstores in alphabetical order are:


Located in the middle of the Barrio Gay at Casanova 72, it is the oldest LGBT+ bookstore in Barcelona, albeit only by 3 years. It has a great collection of books in Catalán, English, and Spanish. And of special interest to those LGBT+ parents out there, they have a good selection of kids’ books as well.

Additionally, Josep, the owner, schedules authors on a regular basis to read form their books and or to lead book discussions. To find out more, get on his mailing list. He usually schedules book lectures only a few weeks in advance. Recently (August 2019) Colm Toibín was at the bookstore reading from his latest books.


This shop is located in the Gothic Quarter at Cervantes 4. They carry a large selection of books in various genres, primarily in Spanish and Catalán, as well as movies and souvenir items. They also have an amazing inventory of kids’ books. Some, I have even read for my own enjoyment, such as “Mi Primer Amor” (My First Love) by Maja Kalesic about a crush between two 6-year old boys that is both sweet and heart-wrenching.

They often have great sales, so check out the bargain bookcase usually located by the entrance. Also, you might want to chat with Helle Brunn, the proprietor, and co-founder of the bookstore, who can help you find the right book for you.

Like most small, independently owned shops, both of these bookstores provide a meeting point as well as ties to the local community. Both have been in business for over 20 years and have contributed to the development and overall benefit of their neighborhoods and the residents.


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