Personal & Corporate Relocation Services

We provide relocation services ranging from a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) step-by-step plan to complete and comprehensive relocation services for personal or corporate relocation.


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Personal & Corporate Relocation Services

RELOCATION SERVICES TYPE 1 – for individuals and families

We provide a customized Step-by-Step DIY plan to help you:

    • Start the moving process
    • Find a place to live in Barcelona, including lease agreement conditions that you should consider
    • Find a job or other means of subsistence
    • Set up your utilities
    • Open a bank account
    • Register at the various public agencies, including healthcare
    • Locate specific services, such as doctor, dentist, school, shopping for basics,
  • Support via conference call or email/text up to two months prior to your arrival in Barcelona, and three months after your arrival.
  • Cost varies, but typically is between 350€ and 650€ based on your needs.

RELOCATION SERVICES TYPE 2 – for individuals, families and corporate staff

We provide the following services:

    • Plan to start the move from your home country or city
    • Assist in finding a job or other means of subsistence
    • Application and resume preparation in English or Spanish
    • Locate potential dwelling options (house, apartment, condo, etc.) for you to review
    • Help to negotiate the rent and lease conditions
    • Set-up utilities for your new residence.
    • Collect from you and submit the required documents to get you registered as a resident
    • Assist you in finding a bank that will fit your needs
    • Locate and help select the best service providers for your needs, such as healthcare, attorney, accountant, and so on.
    • Locate and help select specific shopping and day-to-day establishments for your needs, such as markets, fitness centers, dry cleaners, cleaning services, etc.
    • Locate and help you select the school(s) that best fit your children’s needs, should this be a family move.
    • Personal support via conference call, email/text or in-person before and after your arrival in Barcelona. The length of this service is at the client’s discretion.
    • Cost: a proposal will be submitted based on your assistance needs.

Personal & Corporate Relocation Services

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