Sarrià-Sant Gervasi
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Sarrià-Sant Gervasi

This district is located north of Diagonal and between Les Corts (Pedralbes area) and Gràcia. Approximately 60% of this district is located in the Parc Natural de la Serra de Colleserola. The majority of the residential and commercial part of this neighborhood is located between Ronda de Dalt and Diagonal. In general, the population here is upper middle class, which means rents and property prices are on the higher end of things. Additionally, the streets here are relatively narrow and buildings are relatively dense. Personally, even though it is a great neighborhood, my personal feeling is that the area is a bit too claustrophobic.

The Via Augusta is one of the main arterials in the area, and a gateway to the weekend escapes to the northern part of Catalonia. Additionally, the Carrer Balmes and Carrer Muntaner are packed with lots of restaurants, clothing shops, shoe shops, bookstores, and toy shops. And although it is a high-income neighborhood, there are eating establishments that are reasonably priced. At approximately 10€ to 12€ or so per square meter, rentals here are not too much more than at other comparable Barcelona districts.

Sarrià-Sant Gervasi

Also, though only a short section of this neighborhood is located on Diagonal, the area that is part of this district is very impressive and offers great places to get a drink or a bite to eat. In particular, the area around the Plaça de Francesc Macià is the most interesting. The architecture in this area is among the most interesting in the city, as are the landscaped medians and small green areas.

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One thing to consider here is that this neighborhood does not have many metro stops. There are several bus lines crisscrossing the area, but they do not move very fast since the streets are narrow and busy. Bicycling is an option, however, there are not that many bike lanes, plus the hills here make it challenging to ride around here. Therefore, before you decide to live here, you may want to see how you will get to work, to your university, or to your kid’s school by running a couple of dry runs.

The Tibidabo area is also located within this district. And though access there is somewhat limited, it is another great place to hike around in and admire the city views from high up. Additionally, there is a theme park here with carousels, a Ferris wheel, and other attractions. This area is located close to the Parc Natural de la Serra de Collserola, which covers around 60% of the overall area for the district. Therefore, make sure to go exploring in the Parc Natural.

Another fact about this neighborhood is the number of consulates. The US, as well as the Mexican consulates, for example, are located here. Not that you may ever need to go to either of these government offices, but it gives you a perspective as to the type of neighborhood. Also, the prestigious Ben Franklin (American) School is located in this neighborhood.

Sarrià-Sant Gervasi

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