Startup Life in Barcelona

Whether you are a member of the gig economy with the freedom to explore Europe or a recent transplant – we will help you explore Barcelona’s Startup Ecosystem. From co-working spaces to startup programs to local regulations, we help you do business in Barcelona.


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Startup Life in Barcelona
Barcelona’s Startup Scene

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Given the resource and time constraints of most start-ups, entrepreneurs in this environment are constantly seeking ways to complete critical business functions more efficiently. In most cases, these functions span all aspects of a business.

From commercial excellence to innovative technologies, Startup Ecosystem EU offers actionable insights to grow and promote your business while delivering quality customer experiences.

We offer these useful links for business to connect you to resources at government agencies, business organizations, and non-profits who support emerging businesses.

If we can be of assistance –

Barcelona Activa is Barcelona City Council’s Local Development Agency and an international benchmark for supporting entrepreneurship, innovation, professional improvement and job creation based on its 27 years of operations with extensive experience in business incubation. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain


  • 101 startups101 Startups is an investment fund, initiated by students of the Internet Business Master, which aims to invest in Internet technology companies in the seed phase. 101 is the road that connects San Francisco with Silicon Valley, where the most important technology companies are installed. Our illusion is to help entrepreneurs turn their startups into one of the big companies on Highway 101. Pier01, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2 digits growth Business opportunities for innovative companies. Barcelona, Spain
  • Accelera – At Fluidra Accelera, we promote innovative projects within the water, pool and wellness sector, helping companies develop a solid business model that ensures the viability of their projects and allows them to attract investors. We also offer a selection of start-ups that have high growth potential and are guided by the criteria of Fluidra, a leading company in the pool and wellness sector. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • AntaiANTAI: INTERNATIONAL ONLINE AND MOBILE VENTURE BUILDER Every day we accept the challenge of launching successful businesses together with the best teams of professionals. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • AtipicsAtípics is an entrepreneurship program for young adults that want to launch ideas that have a positive impact. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Barcelona Tech CityBarcelona Tech City is a private non-profit organization open to all Barcelona-based members of the local and global technology ecosystem. It works with entrepreneurs, start-ups, consolidated businesses, investors, incubators, accelerators, company builders, universities, business schools, media enterprises, government agencies, and other entities. Barcelona Tech City is a project driven by local entrepreneurs that currently represents more than 800 businesses. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Barcelona Ventures – In Barcelona, we have amazing talent, entrepreneurs, and projects that can compete with Silicon Valley companies. Our goal is to help our startups, those based in Spain and the rest of Europe, to get a foothold in Silicon Valley, to connect with investors and, eventually, be invested in. The startups who join us leverage on our network of mentors, investors, business leaders, and industry insiders. We are looking for early-stage and top-class founders attacking large, global markets and solving real problems using technology to join our Accelerator Program so we can help them unlock smart capital from US investors. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • CaixaImpulse – Fostering innovation to improve people’s health. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Conector Startup Accelerator – Conector Startup Accelerator is a Spanish startup incubator that provides mentorship services for startups and entrepreneurs. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • CRAASH Barcelona is looking for projects and start-ups to join the second edition of a boot camp that focuses on validating business models in the European markets of Barcelona, Paris, and Delft, as well as the US market of Boston. Participants should be part of a project in the field of medical devices, diagnosis or digital health from any European ecosystem looking to bring their product closer to the patient. The program is mostly web-based, but the travel to four on-site events will allow participants to build their network and evolve their solution. Any team of three people that have a technical lead, an entrepreneurial lead and a clinical lead with technology at technology readiness level 3 or 4 (proof of concept or proof of feasibility) can apply. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Demium Startup – Our program is intense but can be truly life-changing. First up is our selection process, consisting of a series of interviews and, for those that make it though, attendance at our AllStartUp Weekend. Then, for those that then join our incubation program, we then find you a committed co-founder, and we’ll help turn your excellent idea into a fully-fledged company. Once that day arrives you’ll officially become Demium Alumni, with continued access to our brilliant network of experts, partners, and investors. Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia
  • EO BarcelonaAccelerator, an Entrepreneurs’ Organization program, is the catalyst that enables first-stage entrepreneurs to catapult your business to the next level. Our mission is to empower you with the tools you need to grow your business to more than US$1 million in sales and provide you with the skills to make yourself a better entrepreneur and leader. Along with structured educational content focused on the​ core areas of first-stage businesses, the Accelerator Program affords you the unique experience of learning from and connecting with the world’s most influential entrepreneurs.​​​ Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • ESAThe ESA Business Incubation Centre Barcelona (ESA BIC Barcelona) opened in 2014. It is managed by Barcelona Activa and supported locally by renowned public administrations and institutions, namely Area Metropolitana de Barcelona, Diputació de Barcelona, Consell Comarcal del Baix Llobregat, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – Parc UPC and Caixa Capital Risc. Located in Barcelona, Spain, this incubator offers startups support and technical expertise for the creation of innovative companies. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • EsadeCreapolis – Practicamos la open&cross innovation. ¿Quieres saber más? ¡Síguenos o visita nuestra web y nuestros canales online! Sant Cugat del Vallès
  • FledgeFledge is a global network of conscious company accelerators and investment funds, helping entrepreneurs create impactful companies and co-ops at scale through intense, short programs filled with education, guidance, and a massive amount of mentorship. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • GameBCN – s an incubation program offering video game studios the necessary training and mentoring to professionalize their production pipeline and to make a successful launch to the market. Our main objective is to professionalize small studios developing a game with a clearly identified market potential in order to make them productively efficient and to instill in them a business mentality. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Founder Institute – El Founder Institute es el programa de entrenamiento de emprendedores y de lanzamiento de empresas significativas más grande del mundo, que ayuda a los aspirantes a fundadores en todo el mundo a construir compañías de tecnología duraderas. Basado en Silicon Valley y con sedes en 65 países, el Founder Institute ha ayudado a lanzar más de 3,500 compañías. La misión es “Globalizar a Silicon Valley” y construir ecosistemas sostenibles de empresas significativas que crearán un millón de nuevos puestos de trabajo a nivel mundial. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Grupo INTERCOM – We are experts in online classifieds. Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona)
  • Hangar 51 – Formed in January 2011, International Airlines Group (IAG) is the parent company of Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia, LEVEL, Vueling, IAG Cargo, and Avios. Building on a strong history of innovation, we launched Hangar 51 to give start-ups and scale-ups the opportunity to develop their business by accessing our airlines’ resources, expertise and venture capital. Through Hangar 51, you have the chance to trial your products and innovations with real customers, work with senior leaders in the travel industry and create a partnership with one of the world’s largest airline groups. Barcelona/Madrid
  • Health-u – Es el programa de Sanofi dirigido a ayudar el desarrollo de Start-ups que comparten la pasión por innovar en plena revolución tecnológica y digital, con propuestas enfocadas en la mejora de la calidad de vida y la experiencia de las personas en el ámbito de la salud, así como su gestión a través de nuevas aplicaciones y enfoques. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Ingenium – We are seeking proposals for energy storage solutions in order to reduce our production costs and increase our sustainability. What storage system will respond to a need the size of ours? How can we apply intelligence to optimizing energy consumption? How can we reduce our energy bill? We are seeking proposals for energy storage solutions in order to reduce our production costs and increase our sustainability. What storage system will respond to a need the size of ours? How can we apply intelligence to optimizing energy consumption? How can we reduce our energy bill? Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • IoT & Data Barcelona – Big Data is the new competitive advantage. From being a massive challenge, it has now become an enormous opportunity. The amount of data in the world is fast exploding, yet analyzing this data is paving the way for innovations, even faster! Newer analytical solutions are being offered every day to help companies outperform the competition. Machine learning, on the other hand, is out-reaching milestones one after another and attracting billions of investment from the tech giants. We, at Startupbootcamp Barcelona, believe in the future of this revolution and commit to scaling up these innovative companies, to witness the next generation of products and services.
  • IQS Tech FactoryWe are the only industrial accelerator in Spain. IQS has a long entrepreneurial and industrial tradition. A recent study shows that since opening its doors in 1906, IQS has generated at least 348 entrepreneurs, who have launched 461 companies, creating 5.600 jobs and generating over 1B Euros in annual revenues. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Itnig – We build internet companies that aim at being first in class at what they do. We are an independent, private initiative creating future-defining products. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Join & Win – The Mission of Join and Win is to accelerate profitable growth through partnering with start-ups and entrepreneurs active in Home, Health & Personal Care. Join and Win combines Zobele Global Manufacturing Footprint, extensive knowledge in Product Engineering and Market Access to help scale your innovation, and together bring your products to life. Zobele Group is one of the world’s largest producer of innovative and cost-effective product solutions for leading household, health & personal care brands, with both globally optimized solutions and regionally customized products. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Lanzame Nuestra exigente metodología de selección de Startup, donde buscamos un alto potencial de éxito y crecimiento, nos lleva a analizar decenas de proyectos antes de encontrar la Startup que posteriormente presentaremos a nuestros inversores que conforman el Pledge Fund de Lánzame. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • LaSalle Technova – An acceleration program designed to help high-tech startups in their initial phase. During 4 months we provide you all the coaching and facilities needed in order to accelerate the market access of your company. After validating your business model you will start to develop a product to launch in the market and test with the clients. By the end of the program, you will be ready to raise your first investment round. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • NapptilusNapptilus Tech Labs is a Venture Builder formed by a group of companies with over 15 years of experience in the technology sector. Part of Barcelona Tech City. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Novartis Cancer Startup Program – The selected startups will enter the acceleration program, which is supported and monitored by a group of high-level mentors from Novartis and the Conector network who will share their experience to support and optimize the development of their business models.  Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Nuclio Nuclio is part of one of the best entrepreneur ecosystems in Spain and we work daily in the pulse of entrepreneurship in Barcelona: The Palau de Mar. Thanks to the experience of our founding team and advisory board, led by renowned entrepreneur and business angel Carlos Blanco. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Ogilvy (upcelerator)We are an international initiative which focuses on helping emerging companies to accelerate and access to top Brands. Successful companies require plenty of creativity. But they also need to know what they do and how to tell the world about it. And that demands the kind of experience that Ogilvy has: varied, comprehensive and global. In Ogilvy Upcelerator we work with the best professionals of the marketing and communication industries to develop your brand and equip it with all the necessary tools to stand out and differentiate. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Onboard – From Barcelona and San Francisco, our mission is to support technology-based startups and bring them into a consolidated business. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Peninsula – A win-win collaboration with an ecosystem of entrepreneurs to find synergies with partners to complement your expertise. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • PcComponentes Startup Booster – PcComponentes, the leading e-commerce in technology and information technology in Spain has presented PcComponentes Startup Booster, the corporate program that will collaborate in the acceleration of projects that provide innovative e-commerce and retail solutions. Murcia, Spain
  • Proteum x – We work with entrepreneurs to drive the adoption and deployment of the technologies they develop. We do this through a combination of capital infusion, knowledge sharing, helping recruit talent, working with strategic partners and creating operational efficiencies. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Reimagine Food -Connecting entrepreneurs, investors, startups, companies and technology with the future of food. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Seed Rocket – SeedRocket es una innovadora iniciativa privada para emprendedores con proyectos de base tecnológica. Proporcionamos formación, financiación y una red de contactos para potenciar el desarrollo de sus startups, así como un espacio común de trabajo en la aceleradora de startups de Barcelona y en Madrid.
  • Ship2BAceleramos e Invertimos en Startups de Impacto. Seleccionamos las mejores startups y spin-offs tecnológicas con impacto social o medio ambiental con el objetivo de invertir y acelerar su crecimiento. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Wayra – En España, Wayra tiene presencia en los dos hubs de innovación más relevantes del país: Barcelona y Madrid. ¿quieres conocer nuestros espacios?
  • Zata VentureMedia for Equity. Desde Zeta Venture ayudamos a Startups a impulsar sus marcas y actividades mediante potentes campañas de marketing recibiendo a cambio participación en las Startups. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Angel Networks

EBAN, SPAIN – representing 26 Spanish business angels networks with over 1,000 members.

Redes de Business Angels en Andalucía

Redes de Business Angels en Aragón

Redes de Business Angels en Asturias

Redes de Business Angels en Cantabria

Redes de Business Angels en Castilla – La Mancha

  • GOBAN, Red de Business Angels de Castilla-La Mancha
  • GoEmprende
  • Red Biosphere Angels

Redes de Business Angels en Cataluña

Redes de Business Angels en Comunidad Valenciana

Redes de Business Angels en Extremadura

Redes de Business Angels en Galicia

Redes de Business Angels en Islas Baleares

Redes de Business Angels en Islas Canarias

Redes de Business Angels en Madrid

Redes de Business Angels en Murcia

Redes de Business Angels en La Rioja

Redes de Business Angels en Pais Vasco


  • 021 Espai – ¿Cansado de trabajar solo en casa? ¿Te cuesta concentrarte? Descubre nuestro coworking en Poblenou, un espacio tranquilo donde podrás trabajar a gusto y rodearte de otros freelancers como tú con los que podrás colaborar, cambiar ideas, tomar buen café ¡y mucho más!
  • 7dos – YOUR COWORKING SPACE IN GRÀCIA The Coworking has everything you need in order to work, develop your project and do your daily work routine under the best conditions. Which of the tables better suits your needs?
  • Agitation – Coworking Gràcia.
  • Alpha Espai– We want to add value to those who do not need a fixed or unique workspace or environment. From Alpha espai, we know that sharing communities adds value to any activity. An option with great advantages.
  • Aticco – Aticco is not just a workspace, it is an innovative ecosystem for startups and entrepreneurs where projects grow. Creativity, collaboration, and experimentation are the key to keeping your business evolving. We accompany you on the road to building connections, generating opportunities, raising new challenges, and allowing you to overcome any limit
  • Atta 33 – AttA pretende ser una colmena incubadora de saberes donde pequeñas contribuciones resulten en grandes obras útiles al hombre, un espacio colaborativo de producción e investigación que, al igual que una colonia de hormigas, crece y se desenvuelve en conjunto.
  • Apocapoc BCN – ​A place to work/A place to play/ A place to think/A place to try/A place to cook/ A place to taste/A place to share/ A place to be/ A place for YOU
  • Barcelona Health Hub – At Barcelona Health Hub headquarters, located at the magnificent Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, coworking spaces are available for e-health startups and corporates.
  • BCN575 – Co-working is a new concept. Entrepreneurs sharing the same workspace allowing for an exchange of ideas without having to face high office expenses. Also generating dynamics, creativity, innovation and a great atmosphere to develop your professional activities. Coworking BCN575, is situated in the center of Barcelona. You can either arrive from the airport with the Aerobús or park your bicycle outside the door. The office preserves the original modernistic works but has also updated its installations to the needs of a 21st-century workplace.
  • BCNDOC Centro de Negocios – El coworking es un puesto de trabajo o espacio inteligente y dinámico para diversos perfiles, promueve posibles colaboraciones o alianzas  que le permitirán alcanzar el éxito que espera en el menor tiempo posible y sin necesidad de contar con una gran cantidad de capital inicial. Ofreciéndoles la posibilidad de hacer crecer su negocio de forma sencilla y rápida.
  • BCNewt – Much more than sharing an office. We promote a new lifestyle, which allows you to be more productive, and expand your circle of contacts. Our coworking Barcelona ​​is located on Pere IV street, Poblenou 22@ District of Innovation has open spaces like courtyard and rooftop. Join us to enjoy the best of Barcelona!
  • BetahausWe are a home for entrepreneurs and creative professionals born under the “perpetual beta” principle. Betahaus is open code, undone, incomplete and always changing. If you are planning your next AI company, to make a move on Blockchain or maybe create the next great IoT device, here you will find the right atmosphere to run your company, share your ideas, be productive and get help from the community members.
  • Blitz Gràcia Coworking – El coworking es una forma de trabajo que se ha instalado en nuestra sociedad irreversiblemente. Los beneficios de esta filosofía se producen de forma instantánea. Así que si quieres convertir al trabajo en una experiencia gratificante y productiva, vives o estás por Barcelona, acércate a Blitz Gracia Coworking y tomemos un café.
  • Born Espai de Creació – ESPAI BORN is a versatile coworking space, located in a unique spot in Barcelona’s Born and managed by achos!
  • Ca l’AgustíCa l’Agustí és un espai de treball obert per a professionals de diferents disciplines que promou un marc col·laboratiu per a la investigació i la pràctica creatives.El local té una superfície aproximada de 140m2 i està format per 3 espais diferenciats l’espai de l’entrada, el forn i l’altell. La sala de l’entrada es concep com un espai expositiu obert al carrer i reflexe de les pràctiques que es produeixen a l’interior. El forn és un espai de treball diàfan que ofereix el confort necessari que demana el treball diari i a la vegada un ambient creatiu on generar sinèrgies entre professionals de diferents àmbits. D’altra banda, l’altell es configura a mode de sala polivalent que funciona com a sala de reunions, espai per a tallers col·lectius o cursos. L’espai està equipat amb taules de grans dimensions amb connexió de veu i dades, electricitat i il·luminació, i compta amb un servei de reprografia propi (impressores, fotocopiadores, enquadernadores, etc.).
  • Camaleó Coworking Barcelona500m2 of office and studio space for freelancers, right in the center of Barcelona
  • City Work BCN – We are a group of entrepreneurs who believe in Coworking as the most interesting way of work. Coworking means above all a community of entrepreneurs and a physical workspace. That is why we have created City Work Bcn !! Because we want you to enjoy a community of entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelance, where you can share, learn, collaborate, interact, create synergies, look for business opportunities … We provide a comfortable, pleasant and flexible workspace, with open spaces, private offices and relaxing areas, located in downtown Barcelona, and well connected.
  • Cloud CoworkingMultiple locations including Sant Antoni, Passeig de Gràcia, Sagrada Família, Urquinaona, Sant Joan, and Universitat.
  • Coco COFFICEUNA INTERPRETACIÓN POSMODERNA DE LA OFICINA Café y oficina en un nuevo concepto de coworking. Coco Coffice Barcelona es el sitio idóneo para los trabajadores nómadas cansados de trabajar o estudiar desde casa o desde bares abarrotados y para todas las personas que buscan un lugar diferente para leer un libro tranquilamente, concentrarse o cambiar el mundo! Quédate una hora, dos, todo el día, una semana e incluso todo el mes. En nuestro coworking-café ofrecemos total flexibilidad así como café, té y snacks a los freelancers, trabajadores remotos, estudiantes, etc. Nos adaptamos a tus necesidades en cada momento.
  • Collective – Located in Passeig de Gràcia, the most exclusive promenade in Barcelona, Collective offers a rich and diverse community of businesses and entrepreneurs from various professional sectors. Perfectly located in the heart of Barcelona, Collective offers a range of workspaces, private office suites and meeting rooms to help take your business to the next level. More than a just workspace, everyone working at Collective gets free Collective Club membership and associated perks including lockers, private phone booths, design furniture, large and sunny terrace, collaborative opportunities and discounts at our extensive network of partnerships. In addition, Collective offers an exciting Events Programme that includes social gatherings, yoga classes, and learning & development sessions afterworks and much more.
  • Coworking FontanellaAll our furniture is brand new. We focused our efforts to create the most comfortable yet professional office to be shared. Thanks to the size of the office, we’ve been able to set up different spaces with their own characteristics whilst maintaining the same equipment.
  • Coworking Gracia – Tired of working from home? Distracted by errands, washing machines, noise from neighbors? At Coworking Gràcia you will find tables and offices for rent to work in a collaborative community. Enjoy the services of our coworking in Gràcia: meeting space, office, coffee and tea and a good company with which to team up and cooperate on projects. Do you still prefer to work alone?
  • Coworking La Hormigonera – Coworking Sants. Coworking La Hormigonera se encuentra en el corazón del barrio de Sants y forma parte de la asociación La Hormigonera Col·lectiu Cultural.
  • CrecCoworking locations in Poble Sec, Eixample and Sabadell.
  • cwork-Creative space in BCN – coworking Barcelona cwork son Espacios de alta calidad Made in Barcelona ubicadas en puntos estratégicos de la ciudad, en Sarrià- Sant Gervasi (zona alta de Barcelona), en el Eixample (zona Sagrada Familia) y en Gràcia (calle Escorial zona camp d’en Grassot). Espacios de trabajo donde el Diseño, Creatividad y la Versatibilidad total de las instalaciones a gusto de cada usuario dan el valor añadido y marcan la diferencia de cwork.
  • Depot Lab – A space for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups to meet, work, grow their business, and get inspired. Coworkers have the opportunity to network with like-minded people, share their ideas, and be a part of our international community.
  • El Despacho Coworking – El Despacho Coworking is situated in the center of Barcelona with easy access to Fontana (L3) and Lesseps (L3) metro stations and Padua (L7) and Plaza Molina (L6) railway stations. Space offers flexible hours with access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, depending on the membership plan you choose. Designed for working in comfort, El Despacho has fully ergonomic furniture and chairs. The latest equipment such as printers, scanner, photocopiers, and video projectors are available for members. Access to both wired or WIFI network can be used. Space also caters to the reception of courier and parcel service and has insurance to protect the belongings of members.
  • Felisa – Our coworking space in Barcelona has a professional and caring aspect. It is suitable for technological infrastructure and also conditioned to receive customers and suppliers at the most convenient time. The rooms are enabled for different types of meetings, interactions, and workshops.
  • Foundery Barcelona – The Foundery is a curated membership community for international entrepreneurs, creative souls, digital professionals, and innovators. Members enjoy work, meeting and event spaces in a unique building right at Barcelona’s historic center, with a huge rooftop overlooking the city’s gothic quarter.
  • Itnig – We have invested in an awesome 2.300 square meters space for our startups. As we are not using it all, we are also offering it to other interesting startups and individuals that enrich our ecosystem.
  • Garden CoworkingAl cor del barri de Gràcia, en una nau industrial reformada, hem volgut fusionar el millor d’una oficina, un cafè, una sala d’esdeveniments i el confort de casa en un nou espai social, dissenyat de manera sostenible, per treballar, reunir-te amb els teus col·laboradors i clients o realitzar esdeveniments en un ambient de creativitat i col·laboració. Garden és creació, és connexió i és interacció. Al Garden trobaràs l’ecosistema ideal per cultivar les teves idees, compartir-les amb altres professionals i fer-les créixer.
  • Gracia Work Center – Ofrecemos despachos en alquiler para emprendedores y empresas consolidadas. Formamos una comunidad heterogénea que busca compartir espacio de coworking en el barrio de Gracia de Barcelona. Somos profesionales del ámbito de la comunicación, marketing, diseño, audiovisuales, ecommerce, arte online,… ¡Ven a trabajar con nosotros!
  • Home Work – En Home Work coworking puedes desarrollar tu pasión, con la comodidad de sentirte como en casa.
  • Kubik – El primer coworking de España, con 24 años de historia abriendo sus puertas en el barrio barcelonés de Gràcia a una comunidad transdisciplinar de emprendedores del ámbito creativo, artístico, diseño, comunicación, innovación social, economía colaborativa…
  • La Vaca – A big former dairy. In Barcelona city center. District of Poble Sec. People used to buy fresh milk there. And cream on Sundays. Turned into a laid back coworking. An oasis of creative chaos. Work, chill, and fun. Flowing around an open space. Where you can focus. Get your things done. Create your projects. Have a meeting. Read a travel magazine. Or watch a movie. Feel like at home. Get a nap. Listen to some funky music. Have a beer. Make friends. First.
  • Meet BCN – Your coworking space in Barcelona’s Eixample district.
  • MG CoWorkingcoworking & centro de negocios en BARCELONA
  • MOB – Makers of Barcelona – MOB is much more than a coworking space. MOB is your home, your office, your school, and your agency.
  • Oficina24 – Coworking Oficina24 is a wonderful working space available in the heart of Eixample district in Barcelona! In our business center, you’ll find a great deal of modern comfortable collaborative office spaces at low rates. Private offices, elegant meeting rooms, and spacey conference hall; cheap, comfortable and fully equipped dedicated & hot desks; a classroom for trainings and other multipurpose spaces are all waiting for you! For VIP-clients we have one special floor with luxury offices, dedicated desks, rest zones and meeting room with a terrace. Oficina24 is a four-story building with a private entrance from the street and a reception, with an elevator and is adapted for people with disabilities. All our spaces are equipped with air conditioners and have ultramodern and reliable security systems.
  • OneCoWork – At OneCoWork, we believe that the key foundations of growth are innovation, collaboration, and creativity. Our workspaces are designed to both inspire you every morning and to foster a sense of community, bringing together young talent, freelancers, startups, SMEs and large corporates. With regular lectures from world-renowned professors and workshops from both professional services and business leaders, a OneCoWork membership is not just about coming to work, it’s about expanding your horizons and fulfilling your business and personal potential.
  • PipocaPipoca Coworking is a space located in the heart of Barcelona. It’s a place where your ideas turn into projects and your projects become a reality thanks to the relaxed, amazing and dynamic work environment that characterizes us. Renting desks is not our thing. We breathe innovation, we share experiences, we eat popcorn, we are PIPOCA.
  • RavalCo – Sharing space and time: a great place to work. In the heart of El Raval you can find RavalCo, the Coworking Space for independent professionals and entrepreneurs. Here creative minds and freelancers alike come together to work, exchange ideas and to get their projects off the ground.
  • RegusMultiple locations. Rent desk space in a shared office environment. Work in a shared office at any of our locations across the world. Co-working gives you the benefit of a full-time office, but you only pay for the number of desks you use. Choose your own permanent desk or sit wherever you’d like each day through a hot-desking setup, available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Space&Co Coworking – Coworking  Barcelona y despachos privados  en el distrito de Sarrià-Sant Gervasi. Como resultado ofrecemos 400 m2 de zonas de trabajo.  Además, estamos una de las mejores zonas de negocios y disponemos de 2 mesas en espacios compartidos y 15  oficinas privadas repartidas entre Balmes 211 y Muntaner 328.
  • Start2bee – Nuestras tarifas de coworking mensuales, por supuesto con Internet ALTA velocidad.
    Solicita tu día de prueba GRATUITO
  • TALENT&CO – Llibertat, 13, Local. 08012 Barcelona, Spain
  • Talent Garden BCN – Talent Garden Barcelona is a coworking space where digital and tech professionals can work and interact with each other. This bright and cozy campus is located in Sarrià-San Gervasi, one of the best locations in Barcelona surrounded by shops and restaurants. If you want to work in a creative environment surrounded by like-minded professionals, then Talent Garden Barcelona is the perfect space for you. Talent Garden Barcelona hosts a thriving community of innovators that work daily in dedicated workspaces, constantly exchanging competencies and ideas.
  • TechNetBcn – TechnetBCN és un Coworking y servicio de oficina virtual, situado muy cerca de Sagrada Família y Hospital de Sant Pau de Barcelona.
  • Transforma BCN – We are a multidisciplinary, international, and local community of professional freelancers and startups.
    We are committed to sharing, collaborating and promoting the exchange of skills and knowledge between our coworkers.
  • Valkiria Hub Space – A través de nuestra comunidad transformamos la cultura organizativa de las empresas que quieren formar parte de un nuevo paradigma laboral, y lo hacemos a través de las personas, la tecnología y los procesos metodológicos. Desarrollamos proyectos a medida de transformación cultural y actuamos como activadores del cambio dentro de las organizaciones.
  • WeWork – Unique Coworking Space in Barcelona. Welcome to Barcelona, a city popping with personality and fresh innovation. Here, WeWork’s coworking spaces support a vibrant community of professionals. Custom artwork and indoor greenery keep the team inspired; highly functional workspaces foster a culture of collaboration. Professionals in commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, and the arts are drawn to this city for its livability and business potential—WeWork’s shared office spaces complete the experience. Schedule a visit today.
  • Zamness – Coworking situado en el corazón del distrito 22@, entre la Vila Olímpica y Poblenou, a cinco minutos de la playa. El espacio es diáfano de 300 m2 muy luminoso, amplio y confortable, con capacidad para 32 personas, 2 salas de reuniones, office bar y 2 áreas de descanso. Despacho ideal para pequeñas empresas y autónomos, para trabajar en compañía pero a la vez concentrado.


  • 2nd International Conference on Digital Health – Digital health 2020 will explore the topics in detail, with an eye towards providing benefits and wellness leaders with practical guidance they can use to get the most out of digital health.
  • 4YFN – 4YFN offers unique connecting initiatives including insightful onstage talks, technical workshops, custom networking activities, community outreach, and open innovation programs, among others.
  • Barcelona Health Hub Summit – BHHSummit is the annual conference of Barcelona Health Hub, a global and international ecosystem for the health transformation. Join 500 attendees and 25 speakers from Spain and abroad to talk about collaboration between healthcare startups and corporations. Learn from experts and entrepreneurs tips and pitfalls about fundraising, scaling up and partnering with pharma companies, insurers, and hospitals. Be inspired by our international keynote speakers. Meet innovative companies in our exhibition area and during the show and tell sessions. Make meaningful networking and connections and enjoy the amazing setting of the modernist Sant Pau Hospital.
  • Barcelona Startup Congress -In its first edition, the BCS will highlight the power of the national entrepreneurial nucleus, through the participation of reference speakers and executives of the leading startups of the moment. Discussing the relationship between startups and large companies will be the goal of the day, in a meeting atmosphere of the entrepreneurial elite where experiences will be shared at the highest level. The organization of round tables will allow players to generate synergies and discern the trends that will mark the evolution of the sector over the next few years.
  • EU-Startup SummitThe EU-Startups Summit 2019 will gather up to 1,200 founders, startup enthusiasts, corporates, angel investors, VCs, and media from across Europe. The two-day event is a great opportunity for networking and a meeting point for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors who are aiming to build international tech companies. We’ll have fireside chats with internationally successful founders, great networking opportunities (with a dedicated networking app), workshops, and an exciting pitch competition on the main stage with 15 startup teams – selected from almost 1,000 applicants!
  • HealthXL Global Gathering Barcelona – Barcelona is not only known for its architecture, food, and beaches, but also for its advancements in biotech research, healthcare services, and a thriving start-up scene. In this session, we want to explore through the eyes of the local movers and shakers why Barcelona is the right place to be for digital health, what opportunities it presents, and outline some of the successes to date.
  • Mobile World CongressMWC Barcelona is the largest mobile event in the world, bringing together the latest innovations and leading-edge technology alongside today’s most influential visionaries. Everything you need to know about the industry, today and beyond, can be found here.
  • Sonar+d – Sónar+D is an international congress that explores how creativity is changing our present and imagining new futures, in collaboration with researchers, innovators, and business leaders. Since 2013, this antidisciplinary meeting gathers in Barcelona leading artists, creative technologists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, thinkers, scientists, entrepreneurs, makers, and hackers to participate in a carefully commissioned program with the aim of inspiration and networking.
  • Startup Grind Tech Conference – Meet founders from all over Europe. The fourth edition of the Startup Grind Tech conference will bring together over 1000 entrepreneurs, tech people, founders and investors from all over Europe.


  • BCN Open Challenge – In Barcelona, Spain, the smart transportation system, and smart bus systems are a shining example of how this European city is moving with the times. There are smart bus stops with free Wi-Fi (everyone should have this!) and USB charging stations (amazing!). The Barcelona bike-sharing program and smart parking app has gone a long way to reducing congestion in traffic. The city also has sensors to monitor temperature, pollution, and noise. It can also monitor humidity and rain levels. Wanna live in Barcelona?
  • Startup Weekend – In just 54 hours, you will experience the highs, lows, fun, and pressure that make up life at a startup. As you learn how to create a real company, you’ll meet the very best mentors, investors, cofounders, and sponsors who are ready to help you get started. Your community is here to help you — find an event today!


  • Barcelona JS – BarcelonaJS is a user group focused on JavaScript and related topics. We meet regularly at the Mobile World Centre.
  • Barcelona Lean Startup Circle – Barcelona Lean Startup Circle is the Barcelona non-profit local group for passionate people who are interested in lean startup, entrepreneurship, customer development, business model generation, lean UX and startup metrics.
  • BetabeersBetabeers es una comunidad de desarrolladores que organizan encuentros mensuales para compartir conocimientos sobre tecnología y Startups
  • CEOTalksLas CEOTalks ( de Delvy son un espacio para el intercambio de ideas, impresiones y experiencias con destacados responsables de las startups más conocidas de Barcelona.
  • DataBeers BCN – DataBeers is a non-profit and open community whose mission is to become a summit for professionals and students inside the scope of Big Data and Data Science to discuss and share experiences also promoting events where everybody with an interest in data is welcome to exchange their knowledge.
  • First Tuesday Barcelona – Volvemos con una nueva edición de First Tuesday con Carlos Blanco al frente. En esta ocasión nos visita Fernando Benito, CEO y Co-Fundador de Paack. Agenda – Martes, 12 de marzo Dirección – Docket Barcelona 19h: Abrimos puertas 19:30h-20:30h: Charla coloquio 20:30h-21h: Turno de preguntas del público 21h: Cierre del evento ¿Quién es Fernando Benito? Fernando
  • Health 2.0 – Health2.0Bcn junta a los actores del sector sanitario y a los amantes de la tecnología, en Barcelona y alrededores con el fin de mejorar las condiciones en la que se esta dando la asistencia sanitaria, a través del uso de las nuevas tecnologías web, entre otros. Health2.0 quiere fomentar los proyectos relacionados con la salud, desarrollados por startups o individuales, darles más visibilidad e inspirar a otros.
  • Internet of Things BarcelonaWhat’s going on in the world of the Internet of Things and smart cities in Barcelona? We will find out! Expect workshops, hackathons, bar talk nights, and beers. Programmers, designers, investors, academics, and business-types are all welcome.
  • itnig EventsBCNewt events are tech talks about topics of interest for entrepreneurs: business tips, development tricks, design patterns, marketing tools and much more! Just come to our coworking space ( and enjoy every interesting speech with like-minded people. We will be happy to meet you! #bcnewt
  • MOB//Makers of BarcelonaSince the opening of its first coworking space 6 years ago, MOB ( been building communities to innovate together. Now joined by MOB PAU (, FabCafe (, Future Funded (, FoodMOB (, ( and KUBE, MOB gathers a community of more than 300 entrepreneurs, creative souls, and techies – offering you the best work environment & connections opportunities.

Venture Capital

  • Active Partners – Since 2004 we have invested in 25 companies in two funds totaling €74m. In 2007, we created the Venturepreneurs’ Organisation, which promotes relationships between successful serial entrepreneurs investing in early-stage companies. Barcelona
  • Antai Venture Builder – Company builder which founded several fast-growing startups with operations in more than ten countries in Europe and Latin America. Barcelona
  • Axon Partners Group – In its Investment Division, Axon manages c. $250m of AuM in its five funds in Southern Europe, Latin America, and India. Additionally, Axon is currently launching a Pan-European Fund-of-VC-Funds that will cover different stages across different sectors within the VC industry.
  • Bonsai Partners – BONSAI PARTNERS is a technology venture capital firm with a hybrid investment strategy focused on the unexploited secondary market. We aim to achieve superior returns by investing in high-growth companies with strong business models and excellent management through a mix of primary and secondary capital deployments. Our scope is centered on Spain, complemented by a minority share of Europe-wide investments. Madrid
  • Cabiedes & Partners – seed funding and early-stage investment services concentrated on eCommerce, Enterprise Software, Design, Fintech sectors. Madrid
  • Caixa Capital Risc – the venture capital division of ‘la Caixa’, a Spanish bank. Caixa Capital Risc manages more than €180M and invests in the early stages of innovative startups with a global vision. Caixa VC is interested in perceived emerging sectors: technology, digital industries, technologies for industry and life sciences. Barcelona
  • Inveready – Investing through 4 verticals (Venture Capital in Digital Technology, Venture Capital in Life Sciences, Venture Debt and Hybrid Financing for quoted companies in growth markets), with +€330M of assets under management. Barcelona
  • Itnig Fund I – Through Itnig Fund I, we invest 100.000€ per company and we offer our support without getting in the middle. We focus on understanding the market opportunity and making sure we fully align with the team. We look for intuitive and fast movers, talent developers, hard workers, customer-oriented, bottom-line focused and growth-obsessed, all at the same time! Barcelona
  • JME Ventures – When we started a decade ago, we wanted to do some things differently. We believed that the key to delivering the best results was to become the best travel companion for entrepreneurs and be financially aligned with our investors. Madrid
  • Kibo Ventures – Kibo Ventures invests in early-stage internet and mobile startups, with a “Super Angel” approach. We look for companies in their early stages but do not invest in seed stages. We aim to grow our investment as the companies grow and develop. We invest initially from €250k to €750k. With our staged investment approach, we can reach up to €5m per company. Madrid
  • Nauta Capital – The main areas of interest include B2B Software propositions, disruptive Digital Media companies, and enabling technologies for Mobile and the Internet. Nauta Capital has €300+ million under management and over 40 portfolio companies. Barcelona, London & Munich
  • Seaya Ventures – Seaya Ventures is a Venture Capital fund with €160M assets under management. Seaya invests in early and growth-stage Internet and technology-enabled businesses in Spain and Latin America, supporting them in their expansion and growth to become regional and global leaders. Seaya, founded in 2013, has invested through two funds, Seaya I and Seaya II, in 17 companies, among which are Cabify, Glovo or Spotahome. Madrid
  • Ysios Capital – private equity financing to early- and mid-stage human healthcare and life science companies with a special focus on pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical devices. €200 million in assets under management distributed over two funds. Barcelona

Our executive team offers insight, experience, and a hands-on approach to cultivate early-stage concepts, products, and services into commercially successful business opportunities.

To effectively compete in today’s markets, growing businesses need access to the same breadth and depth of business services that have traditionally been accessible only to larger business organizations. We allow growing businesses to complete critical business functions.

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