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Working in San Francisco

Finding Work in San Francisco

As with anything today, work and finding work are activities directly impacted by the pandemic, whose long-term effects are still an unknown and, unfortunately, will most likely continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Therefore, let’s start with San Francisco and the Bay Area pre-Covid-19. In March of this year, the unemployment rate in San Francisco, including the northern peninsula cities, was a remarkable 3.8%. This rate had been running this low for a couple of years. Therefore, one can safely say that the economy was doing great. Then came the pandemic, and the unemployment rate soared to above 11% and remained there for the entire second quarter. At the end of the third quarter of the year, the jobless rate is down to 7.8%, which is not as great as the 3.8% of a few months ago, but it is causing to be hopeful.

All politics aside, one can safely say that Mayor Breed and her staff acted swiftly and decidedly at the start of the pandemic, which has not only saved many lives but has also allowed the City to begin reopening. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that we are getting back to “normal,” and the jobless rate will continue to decline and reach its record low of 3.8% in the next few months. However, it is a major step in the right direction. And that is not only something to celebrate but also a performance indicator to use if you are looking for work or plan on going it alone.

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Whether you are planning on moving to the City or have been living here for a while, you know that income is a crucially important factor for having a healthy work-life balance; perhaps more so than in most places, except for other expensive cities worldwide. The cost of housing, food, utilities, transportation (including parking), etc. in San Francisco tally up very quickly and can be overwhelming. As I wrote in another article, rents and home prices drop, but it is a relative drop. The cost of housing in the City is still well above the national average. Therefore, earning enough to live in this Bay Area city is a high priority for everyone.

In general terms, there are two main ways to main approaches to making a living: employment and self-employment, plus a lot of variations thereof. For the sake of brevity, we will focus on just employment and self-employment in this article.


If you are employed at a firm and have been for a while, you already know the steps to finding a job, such as doing online searches for job vacancies, updating your resume, looking at what your employer’s competition is doing, and so on. Of course, this is assuming that your industry is doing relatively well and can get a job with your firm’s competitors. However, if you are working in an industry that has suffered dramatically from the pandemic, such as hospitality, then this is the time to consider all possibilities based on your professional capabilities seriously. In the Bay Area, currently, food distribution, telecommunications, and distance-learning companies, to name a few, are hiring people at all levels from upper management to regular staff. The key will be to look at your experience and strengths and then transfer them to another industry. Strong leadership and management skills translate well to any job and are sought after by employers.

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Additionally, the City and County of San Francisco currently have dozens of high paying jobs they are looking to fill. They offer excellent benefits and a very respectful and collaborative work environment. From my empirical experience, I have found that the City of San Francisco employees are typically quite content with their jobs, and they enjoy having a healthy work-life balance. You can view the City’s job opportunities on the following website:


As is widely known, entrepreneurship is an important driver of economic growth and development in San Francisco, as well as in the Bay Area in general. And this fact has not changed considerably this year, but it has gotten a bit more challenging. However, as an entrepreneur, you can quickly adapt and change your business model to address current market demands and trends, which can help you benefit and capitalize on new markets and market tendencies. Such is the case of a fellow networking partner who is an interior designer. As you can imagine, her business suffered greatly, starting in the second quarter of this year. So, she had to develop creative ways to sell her services. Seeing what was happening around her, she added a service consisting of do-it-yourself (DIY) home office design and optimization, but through online consulting that she provides. Her clients’ cost is lower, but so too is her overhead, and the demand is higher because of more people working from home. In the end, it all evens out for her. Working in San Francisco

There are no quick solutions to finding work in San Francisco or anywhere, not just because of the pandemic. Finding a good job if you are an employee, or finding good clients if you are a freelancer, have always been challenging. It is just more challenging at present, as is almost everything else, for obvious reasons. However, as I tried to convey in this article, these tasks are not impossible to undertake. You have to be more diligent, more patient, and always remain optimistic.

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Working in San Francisco

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